Since landing back into our normal lives last week, I've been diligently working on a collection of our memories. It's nearly finished, but I'm too excited to keep it to myself.
It's tough to pair down 1,700 photos into a few pages. I tried. There's just too many valuable moments I don't want to disappear. Right now it's over 125 pages, in chronological order.
I not only captured our meals, but included the menus from these wonderful restaurants as well. For us, it'll catapult us back to the moment we had to choose... and for everyone else, it'll give you a chance to imagine sitting beside us at the table.
I really look forward to sharing this with our Friend and his family, and with all of the wonderful people who helped make this dream a reality.
I love this experience... and I love you more!
A number of people asked me if the Teen enjoyed the trip... did he learn anything?
With his one word answers, it's hard to tell the difference between "good" and "good" sometimes.
I've learned not to worry about it. My purpose is to provide the opportunities. The journey is his own.
We did get a moment to recap the trip, and his feedback was that he wanted more downtime and the best part of the trip is going back home.
You like what you like.
I won't feel bad about it or think I "failed" because we went all over the place. It was OUR trip, after all.
But then I thought about it in a whole new light.
Within the space that I've provided, if he's created a room that brings him comfort and joy... a place he calls "home"... hasn't this trip been worth it all?

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