Today was a test. It was only a test...
I know not every day can be perfect, and our worst day here is better than many other's best days, but today really pushed us.
Should have read the signs!
The train here spoiled us, with lots of room and snacks. Today's train was overcrowded and we had to endure standing next to the toilet for an hour and a half. Even semi-sitting on the suitcase didn't help.
A woman with two crying twins and a cranky toddler kept apologizing. I just smiled and said, "We've all been there".
I envied the babies, getting to lie down the whole way and having a good cry.
Ah, youth.
All three of us were exhausted and in pain and we still had to fetch the luggage from storage and get to the new location.
Add to this, we only had a general idea of where the place was, because the host hadn't send us the exact address and access info. We ended up near the right place but it took several phone calls and a few wrong turns.
We fumbled with the keys, only to be greeted by a confused, yet gracious woman. Teen apologized profusely as she explained we wanted the place across the street.
The place is nice and we collapsed on the sofa. Only the rumbling in our belies wouldn't let us rest for long.
We saw a local pub with a delicious photo of ribs so we mustered up what little strength we got and headed over.
This was a typical pub with lots of booze and a few tables in the back. It was funky cute with a lot of smokers milling about.
We ordered a series of small plates. Ordered "BBQ Sweetcorn Ribs", some tacos, and Friend wanted to tackle the wings with the Diablo sauce. They also brought him milk.
They brought out what looked like octopus tentacles, that turned out to be slices of corned cob in BBQ sauce. Those were not the ribs in the photos, but that's what we ordered. "Ribs".
I liked the tacos, despite leaving a trail of its juices on my sweater and pants.
Friend didn't even attempt the wings after tasting the sauce, and he loves spicy foods. I regretted even dabbing my pinky in it.
Son called it, "The Worst Place We've Ever Eaten At". I didn't think it was THAT bad, but after seeing how packed the pub was near the bar when we left, it was clear that people just came to get drunk.
We ended up in a little market buying groceries, then went home, cooked frozen pizza, played Uno... then crawled to our beds.
We don't have to carry bags until Friday... and the train to Edinburgh has assigned seats... and we got to meet a cat.
We'll be fine.

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