It's been four decades since I stood next to the Roman Baths. Still awe-inspiring. The only difference I noticed is they now have fountains where you can drink the water. I guess they noticed too many people sneaking sips (does the fifth amendment apply in the UK? 😏)
Warm and smelly, I feel healthier already.
We had a full English breakfast at The Boston Tea Party (seemed appropriate) and did a bus tour around the city.
Got a Coronation Sandwich at M&S which was pretty tasty.
And since we heard so much about Sally Lunn, we decided to stop there for dinner. The atmosphere was homey but, honestly, we left disappointed. The savory Lunn Bunn appetizer was basically garlic bread, and the creamy pork on another brick was too heavy on the pepper. At least we can say we went.
Tomorrow we return to London for more adventures and meeting up with friends to show them the gallery.

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