Stu Rosen is an actor and artist, originally from New Jersey. Stu's flair for artistry began at age 7, when his love of cartoons inspired him to begin drawing characters such as Donald Duck and Mr. Magoo in different expressions. Stu has had his own comic strip called "Enlightoons" for the last 15 years, and enjoyed being a successful motivational speaker since his 20's.

Stu completed a degree in Commercial Art from a Vocational School, a degree in Theater from Marietta College in Ohio, and moved to New York and then Los Angeles to pursue his acting career in 1989. After his acting career stalled, Stu turned to video production, and later combined his video, writing, and artistic abilities to become an Instructional Designer.

Stu now works as Manager of IT Communications at VCA Animal Hospitals, which combines these skills and a childhood dream of working with animals into one happy place.

After a very tumultuous 2018 that rocked his entire world, Stu had a resurgence in his art. Stu focuses on animals and does all his work in ballpoint pen, because it represents no excuses, and no turning back.

"I'm a single dad with a teenage son. My pieces with one parent/one child is an expression of my love for him. He's my inspiration. He's my everything."