Sometimes we become entangled with someone who’s entangled with someone we’re entangled with.

Oh, what an entangled web we weave!

Six months ago, I instantly hit it off with a friend of a friend. We just goofed around all day and had such a delightful time at the art gallery.

Over lunch, we talked about our “mutual” and it was fascinating to see how much history we each had separately, yet neither of us knew each other until that moment.

It’s a reminder of just how connected to one another we really are.

People, places, and things are the dots that build the web of Life.

Her to him, to me, to her.

New Jersey to California, to London, to Michigan.

Dot and dashes.

Now it’s time for THINGS to connect us.

While I’m waiting to bring my art to Beverly Hills, he’s waiting for my art to arrive at his home in London.

None of that would’ve happened without her.

And it blows my mind to think about tomorrow and the entanglements that are yet to be.

Someone who doesn’t know me right now, who’s never even heard of me, is going to have my art in their home by tomorrow night.

Some piece that’s near and dear to me… that’s been with me for years or travelled with me for miles… will soon be creating new dots and new dashes with someone who is going to pass through my tent for only a moment.

Speaking of entanglement, it’s time to get intertwined with some bedding, as tomorrow’s another big day.





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