“So, what’s the highlight of your day so far?” the Trader Joe’s cashier asked cheerfully.

I had just picked up my Dog Desk Calendars at nearby Walgreen’s, so I started talking about that, which lead to me boasting talking about the Beverly Hills Show. Turns out that she’s also an artist, so we talked about the Artists Guild and she promised to connect on Instagram as she stuffed my business card in her pocket.

Every time I do a 30-second summary of my art career, it’s such a deep reminder of how far I’ve come. While I don’t consider myself to be the greatest artist that ever lived, I feel great pride and confidence in my journey. Being in shows in London, Downtown LA, Laguna, and again in Beverly Hills reassures me that I am among my peers.

The feeling is as magical as it is humbling.

So, what does it take to be GREAT?

Yesterday I talked about being symbolic… but what does it take to raise to the level of ICONIC?

Six months ago, the Dudes and I stood before giants! Enduring icons of a bygone era. Sure, they were a bunch of stones in a circle, but they’ve risen to levels way above all the other stone circles of Britain.

We saw Stonehenge during an all-day tour of the other iconic locations of Windsor Castle and Oxford. Everywhere we stopped, we were greeted by loads of souvenirs (Icons?) of Harry Potter. Every imaginable trinket and bobble took up every wall, and every wallet, for miles.

While she’s lost some luster from her outspoken controversies, I still marvel at the art that JK Rowling created. Starting from nothing, she was able to turn her creativity into a cult level phenomenon.

Will I be able to reach that level of success in my lifetime? It sure is nice to dream. More European shows, high priced auctions, my keychains selling in every shop.

“That’ll be $99.”


“You can tap or swipe,” she smiled.

Oh, right. Groceries.

“I’ll definitely check you out on Instagram,” she promised.

“That’ll be great,” I reply and tap, before heading out to my car.

Maybe I’m on my way 😊

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