I could complain so much that you’d think…

I have a miserable life…

But what would be the point?

It wouldn’t change anything.

And besides…

I don’t.

So, I won’t.

You know what would change everything?

Counting my blessings.

Because I’ve got a ton of those!

So much that you might think..

I have an incredible life.

And I do.

But I don’t.

I have a life.

So many people told me to “get a life”!

So, I went out and got one.

There’s just so many things going RIGHT for me right now.

I really feel blessed and full of gratitude.

It isn’t perfect by any means.

But neither am I.

So, I’m just doing the best I can,

With what I have.

With the time I’ve got left in this glorious world.

I’ve been in the fire.

But I didn’t get burned,

(Even though it got really hot!)

I got forged,

Into the person I am today.

The sword that I’ve become,

Cuts through the tangled mess

That is my comfort zone.

It eases the fear that comes from feeling,

Not good enough.

Not rich enough.

Now equipped enough,

To make big dreams come true.

The fire may be out,

But its light still shines within.

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