If you’ve ever been in design, you know all about “Final”, “Final-Final”, “Final v3”and “No-Seriously-This-Is-The-Final-Final”. Nothing’s ever really final until it’s over.

So, with that in mind, I swapped out two of the pieces going to London.

“Why?” you ask?

Because when I laid them out in front of the framer yesterday, some mistakes were glaring. It reminded me of my youth, when the lights came up in the club and you realized that many people need dim lighting.

Reality is shocking.

First off, the newer pieces that were made with a different pen, had interacted with the spray that’s meant to protect it against UV rays. They all turned some shade of blue, contrasting heavily with the deep blacks of previous pieces.

Some of them are just going to have to be what they’re going to be (unless my Perfectionist Tendencies kick in). However, two pieces were just unacceptable. I hadn’t noticed in the dim light of my room, but in the light of morning, I could clearly make out the areas that I had tried to correct using a white gel pen.

I envisioned people pointing it out in the gallery, and quickly re-evaluated my life choices (kind of like the clubs again).

I woke up early and decided to just try something different. I picked up a Pentel Gel Pen and redrew a favorite piece of mine. One that (for some strange reason) has disappeared.

Gel Pens are a one-stroke deal. You get what you get. It doesn’t have the benefit of layering. I took my chances and drew “Brother’s Keeper”. I took my time and kept saying “Love” each time I paused.

And I love it!

To be honest, last night was a bit of a downer for me. Ballpoint Pen is what’s been opening all these doors for me. My art has been in galleries and shows in Laguna Beach, Miami, Washington, Beverly Hills and soon-to-be-London. I was a little afraid to change my style now, especially with London just two weeks away.


But you don’t move forward in life by being afraid.

But fearlessness is actually dangerous (some fear is healthy)

The goal is to become Courageous.

To feel the fear but take courageous actions anyway.

Fortunately for me, the framers hadn’t started on my art yet. I was able to go over there and simply replace the two most glaring pieces.

Now I’m not saying there won’t be a Final v3 before I go, but this Final-Final phase (with the gel pen) is life changing.


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