This London trip is a dream come true. I mean that madly, truly, deeply … but it’s not the destination. It’s a beautiful layover in this wonderful journey known as Life.

You see, in order to not come home to an empty slate, I’ve had to continue applying to, and booking, additional shows. Some of these can take months, and tonight I just applied to a show in September. More about that one later.

The Life After London already has five shows booked. Many of them recurring ones, so that makes it easier each time. Others must be applied to each-and-every time and has to be earned on its own merit.

That’s why I was so thrilled to get an acceptance email into the Beverly Hills Art Show in May. It’s one of my favorite shows, and one of the most lucrative in terms of commission work. This will be my sixth time there, but half of them was a result of me being on the waiting list when someone else dropped out (I really don’t care how I get there, as long as I get there).

All four after that are repeating shows. I love them like children, each are special in their own way, and I don’t have a favorite (I know, tell that to the middle child, but aaaaanyway…)

The Simi Valley Craft Show is outdoors with a very suburban flea market feel to it. Really great to hang out with friends from the Artists Guild of All Saints, and to mingle with the locals, before hitting our favorite BBQ joint.

Chocolate and Art, and Art and Beer LA are quintessential funky town pop-ups that involve hipsters with no concept of bedtime. I mean, my phone’s “Do Not Disturb” mode kicks in halfway through the show. Still, they’re some of the best shows to make new friends and feel like you’re young again.

Oh, who am I kidding, my knees and back give out two hours into the show and I just pop some chocolate to numb the pain.

But I do love ‘em, even if we’re in an abusive relationship 😉

The fifth show is actually one I’m in while I’m away. As curator of the E-ART-h Day show at All Saints Church, I still get to hang up my art when it fits the theme. I wish I could be there (it happens on the weekend before I return) because I usually sell quite a bit of art during those shows.

One returning show that I really regret not being able to do is RescueCon 2023. It was my very first show, that started it all. How wonderful to be there between the London and Beverly Hills shows. The bragging rights alone would really boost my sales.

But, alas, multiverses are reserved for Marvel movies and Everything Everywhere All at Once.

So, I continue on, seeking opportunities for July and Beyond.

The show I just applied to, that I said I’d come back to, has also been a dream of mine since beginning Stu Rosen Art. It’s the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Artist of the Year. The art that is produced for that show is beyond incredible. Admittedly I had some moments of feeling that my work didn’t belong there (I know, strange coming from me, Mr. Manifest London Guy) …  but I snapped out of it. I’ve seen finalists that look like my work. Of course I belong there.

Who am I to judge? That’s what submissions are for.

With only a few days to spare I sent off my collection of elephants, the ones that I’m most proud of.


And if when I get into the show, guess where it’ll be?

London 😊

Another experience I wouldn’t mind repeating.*



I’m so grateful for helping me get to London. I look forward to sharing the layover with you. I’m still offering products and portraits to those who want to come along on this journey. Donate here: or Venmo @StuRosenArt. Every bit helps.


* If When that would happen, I would either go alone for a few days or go with one adult. This April trip is going to be amazing, but it needs to stand alone in time.

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