Little goals can bring big wins too.

Once the planning for London was underway, I started to watch all these Instagram Reels on “Things to Do in London”. One that kept popping up was the Yorkshire Burrito, meat, potato, and gravy wrapped in a burrito made from Yorkshire Pudding. I just knew I had to have it.

I wanted it so much that I actually booked a flat in Camden Market, just to be close by.

Halfway through the UK trip, we headed over to Camden Market, and it turned out to be my son’s favorite place. The fact that it had Funko Pops and figurines of his favorite characters might have had something to do with it.

I told the Burrista (?) that I came all the way from America just for the Yorkshire Burrito. He was less than impressed.

Well, Mr. YB-Man, so was I.

I was so ready to travel into Ecstasy just as the Influencers did and was greeted with a mouthful of potato. OK, maybe it was just on top? No, no… Potato Burrito, with a little bit of meat and gravy. Not horrible, but not worth the trip.


Did I mention that it brought me to Camden Market? With a beautiful canal, and all these birds, and Funko Pops…

And I’m in England! With my son! Having a (mildly okey-dokey) meal in the sunshine!

It was a wonderful day. It didn’t matter that the goal didn’t live up to the expectation. I didn’t expect any of the other stuff… and they were such gifts!

So, I think about it now, six months later. I push aside all my lofty goals, and just think about all the little ones that I have.

How about that new restaurant? or that pop-up exhibition? Or having high tea at that little place with friends? What other hidden gems await to reveal themselves?

It isn’t just about dreaming big.

Dreaming small is good too!

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