“Just gimme a sign!”

LIFT. Yes, please.

WAY OUT. I could definitely use that one!

As we headed back to London, six months ago, I really took notice of all the signs.

English signs are so different from American ones.


DIVERSION. Got too many of those.

It got me thinking about signs. That’s all people ever want. Signs. “Just gimme a sign!”

Until they get one.

It’s amazing how many people wait for a sign before they take action. They want some sort of reassurance or else they’ll stay put.

Fear of failure kills so many dreams.

I let it kill so many of mine. For so very long.

It took staring into the darkness, in order for me to see the light.

Since that fateful time five years ago, I started to risk saying “yes” again (and even riskier, started saying “no” for the very first time). I realized that time is going to go by, regardless if I participate.

Five years from now, am I going to be where I want to be? (or closer to where I want to be?) or still waiting for some sort of “sign”?

I realized that I don’t need permission to go after my dream.

Sure, I might fail.


If I don’t try, I WILL fail.

I might also succeed beyond my wildest dreams.


I have to dream first.

I’ve got time to go for it.

(And if I don’t, then it won’t matter, will it?)

So, the only sign I see… is GO.

What’s your sign?

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