My inspiration. My everything.

As I stared at “A Mother’s Love” I knew that Stu Rosen Art was born. My mission and my muse now merged. It not only felt like the right expression of our new normal. It gave me a way to create a world of safety, tenderness, strength, and love.

This 12-year-old was rapidly turning into The Teen. I think this was a way for me to hold on to the memories, as the Cuddly Days were quickly fading into the Call of Duty.

People warned me about video game, telling me how it was going to warp his mind. I got it… but as he shouted insults at his friends, and laughed, I knew where he was. I knew that he was safe… and happy… and home.

And that was enough.

You see, his was not an easy journey. He was ripped from his mother’s car and placed in the back seat of a patrol car at the age of five. His life was forever changed as he moved from home to home, filled with new “parents” and empty promises.

By seven, he just threw the black plastic bags under his bed and didn’t bother to unpack.

I thought (probably naively) that I could “fix” him by catching him at 10. Yet by then he had already been in eight other homes and 8 million pieces. He had already given up on a world that seemingly gave up on him.

I wasn’t going to put him back together, but I was committed to building a beautiful mosaic.



So far we’ve raised 10% of the funds needed to get Stu Rosen Art and the Teen to London in April 2023. Every little bit help.

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