Shortly after the Kid came to live with me, he wrote an essay that revealed how God cared for everyone else but him. God abandoned him. I guess in the same way that everyone else had.

He also had abandoned himself. D’s and F’s were the norm. The schools pumped him up with tutors and full of meds, trying anything to “fix” him.

That wasn’t the way I saw it, and I took a moment to sit by his bedside and quietly talk it over.

Me: So why do you think God abandoned you?

Kid: (Shrugs) He just cares about everyone else.

Me: You don’t think he cares about you?

Kid: No.

Me: Well, I know He does.

Kid: …

Me: You know how I know?

He looked at me. His eyes filled partly with doubt, partly with hope.

Me: Because He sent me.

He turned away, but I continued…

Me: I asked Him to send me someone so full of potential, but just in a bad situation… and here you are.

Kid: But that was your wish, not mine.

Me: True… but I think we both get what we wish for. It’s just not in the way we want it.

I felt like we were having a real open conversation, so I took the time to talk about the other subject.

Me: Your grades. What’s going on there?

He shrugged and gave a mumbled response, but I was able to coax out of him that he had been rushing through his tests, because he knew he was going to fail anyway.

Me: I see.

I paused for effect.

Me: You know what else I see? I don’t see a Failure. I see a Quitter… and as soon as you stop quitting, nothing is going to stop you. You can do amazing things, but you’re going to have to go back and do more. If you’re finished quickly, use the time to double check your answers. Just don’t rush… and definitely, don’t quit.

It’s been six years since that fateful talk. He started to get A’s and B’s and has even been on the Honor Roll once. And while Covid Lockdown brought back a lot of bad habits, he’s back on track and ready to graduate High School.

He doesn’t believe he’s been forsaken anymore, but mostly because he’s now an atheist, and he knows everything, because all teenagers know everything.

But I still believe. I believe that we’re being looked after… I believe that wishes do come true… and I especially believe in the Kid.



So far we’ve raised 10% of the funds needed to get Stu Rosen Art and the Teen to London in April 2023. Every little bit help.

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