You gotta get in it to win it!

That’s what I thought about when I picked up a lottery ticket this morning for the $1.7 Billion jackpot (I won’t reveal if I win, but there will be signs).

Yet it fits in perfectly with my reflection of six months ago.

You gotta get INTO THE WORLD if you want to experience Life.

Take a chance.

Say yes.

Create something to hope for.

Instead of all the cab rides, and train rides, and bus tours we took a long, looooong, loooooooong walking tour (did I mention it was long???) from one end of London to another. It was great, but really, really tiring since none of us prepared to walk that much.

But did you see those hundred of pictures I posted??? Totally worth all the effort.

That’s because we’re talking about VALUE.

The return on our investment was incredible.

Yeah, but what about PRICE?





Well… OK… there’s that.

Life costs, y’know?

I knew that going into this.

I’m still at peace with my decision.

This trip wasn’t about the price.t

It was always about the experience.

Here’s the thing… by this point in the trip (and it had only just begun) we’d already spent the funds raised through GoFundMe.

While I’m still humbled and grateful for all the support and generosity… this was still three people, two weeks, and a foreign country.

Life costs.

Thankfully, the Friend’s parents helped us through the next few days, and then after that, I started borrowing from the future.

Good old credit cards.

They are a blessing and a curse.

I do NOT recommend buying today with tomorrow’s money. It’s the destroyer of so many people’s livelihoods and dreams.

When done RIGHT though, it can be the maker of miracles.

So here I am, six months later, armed with a 0% transfer deal and an Excel spreadsheet. This is the future that’s paying off the past.

It’s part of the deal.

The biggest lesson when borrowing from the future is in knowing the difference between SPENDING and INVESTING.

Keep in mind that this was not just a frivolous vacation, or a “last hurrah” of my kid’s childhood (although it was that too).

It was a legitimate BUSINESS TRIP and will ultimately be a very nice TAX WRITE OFF.

Poor people SPEND. Rich people INVEST.

Looking back on the impact that it had on two young men, as well as myself, I know I invested…

Times THREE.


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