The first time I did the Beverly Hills Art Show, my show neighbor told me how lucky I was. “1,000 artists apply for this show,” he explained, “and only about 100 get in.”

I thought that was nice. 

It wasn’t until many shows later that I realized how tough it was. Time after time I wasn’t selected and was put on a waiting list. Fortunately, it was only once that I didn’t come off that list. All other times, a call would come, inviting me to join.

As I prepare to do my SEVENTH show with them, I’m grateful because 1) I was accepted right in and 2) it’s one of my favorite shows.

It’s grueling work, because I frequently have to set up the tent, tables, walls, art and decorations all by myself (as well as take it all down two days later). I also do a lot of standing and smiling and talking and demonstrating and yadda and blah blah.

I also rarely sell art during the weekend.

So why do it?

Because it’s “planting seeds”. I get enough commissions out of it to make it worth 10-times the effort. Often a year or two after the show. In fact, I just got a commission for four individual bunnies, from the show last year.

It’s a good lesson in not judging the present moment. Someone can seem extremely interested, then walk away. Someone else could look bored and pick up a business card, only to hire you time and time again.

Another reason I do it is for all the people I meet. Some of the other artists have become my friends and there are a few children I see who still have my art on their walls, and come over to my booth just to say “hi”.

If you read this before May 20/21, 2023 and are in the Beverly Hills area, I suggest you drop by Booth 217. I’d love to see you there!

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