It’s getting real.

A lot of people let their dreams die when they “wake up” and realize just how much work has to get done. In the middle of booking hotels, emailing the gallery and scrambling to get my kid’s passport, I took a moment to take it in… this is really gonna happen.

Now there are a lot of head winds, but I’ve been up against much more than this, and those were BAD situations. THIS… this THIS… is going to be one of those shining moments that I (and hopefully my son) will cherish for the remainder of our days.

I went to a movie premiere recently that an A-List actor had written, produced and starred in. Household names were in it and walking around the reception hall like old friends. What impressed me the most was not his stardom, or even his acting (which was pretty good), but the fact that he knows… he KNOWS what it takes to turn a dream into reality.

(PS I’m impressed when anyone does that, in whatever way they do that, but back to the story…)

I think back to a breakfast I had with a friend at the beginning of Stu Rosen Art. I declared, “I’m going to have my art in Laguna, London and Lisbon!” I don’t know why Lisbon, other than it had an “L” in it.

Now here I am… my art is down in a gallery in Laguna as I write this and I’m about to check off my second “L”.

I’ll impress myself when I’m there, but in the meantime I’m full of gratitude for how far I’ve come.

So now you’re probably asking, “how can I turn my dream into reality?”

I’m glad you asked.


First thing’s first, you got to have one. It doesn’t have to be big, but it has to be bold. Something you really want. And especially something you believe in. If you want it to become real, then you have to start believing that it CAN be real. Don’t “oh it’s just a silly dream” yourself out of experiencing something magical.


Next you have to be really clear on what you want. By that I mean, the OUTCOME you want, not HOW you want it. Back when The Secret popularized The Law of Attraction too many people thought they had to outline everything. All I said was “my art will be in London” … I didn’t worry about when, how or what hotel to stay in. The OUTCOME was clear.


A dream with a date is a goal… a bunch of goals is a plan. Start from the end but work your way back… all the way back to the first step.


Then take that first step.

If that scares you, that’s a sign that it excites you.

Don’t worry about all the other steps until they’re in front of you.

It isn’t about living a fearless life.

It’s about being courageous enough to live it.


When your head says no, but your heart says “jump!”


Even if something doesn’t make much sense, do something out of the norm.

It’s your old habits that keeps you in the same old life.

Do something DIFFERENT.


This has to be one of the biggest skills you need to be successful.

Things just aren’t going to go according to plan.

As you go farther, and learn more, keep adjusting.

Be willing to toss it all out and start a new plan.

As long as you keep your clear dream as your guiding star, you’ll be on the right track.

Every day is a new start.


More than likely, you won’t be able to do it alone.

Reach out.

Ask for help.

Ask questions.

Get what you need, to get what you want.

And one of the biggest resources you need is…


Let’s face it, the airlines and hotels don’t accept courage as payment.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can get you to a place where happiness resides.

I honestly believe that I will have all the money I need to make the London trip as big as I dreamed.

I’m still reaching out to generous, caring people like you to raise funds.

Even though I already gone beyond the donations with the last reservation, I have faith that there will be more.

I know that I will use my skills to generate work to generate funds.

I know how to creatively use debt, like the rich do, so as to rise up and not be pushed down.

My art, my dream, and my son are worth the effort.


Thank you for helping bring this dream to life. Every bit helps.

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