Anyone who has true friends is very lucky. If you’re extremely blessed, you get to have your Guardian Angel as a best friend too.

Such is Missy, who appears in my life like a thread that has been binding and shaping my life for decades (don’t worry, dawl, I won’t tell ‘em how many)

But let’s just say that she’s played a leading role in every part of my life. Not a single piece of it would be the same had she met Clarence and wished she was never born.

It’s truly been a wonderful life, thanks to my angel.

We met in New York and came out to Hollywood at the same time.

I’m a PC guy because she just happened to be selling computers at the time.

She introduced me to people that steered me into a career in web design.

She brought me to a church where I met the owner of a haunted house, where I lived for a year and a ghost told me to find his diary (I did).

Thanks to one of her friend, I joined an acting class where I met someone that would ultimately set off a chain of events that led me to my son.

So, it was just one more fateful stitch that would change Stu Rosen Art forever.

In its infancy I invited her over to help upload products into

That didn’t last long.

“You need to do this art show,” she encouraged.

“Can we focus, please?”

“Seriously,” she replied, doubling down, “It’s a dog/cat rescue event. They need your art and you need to be in it.”

“It’s a lot of work.”

She gave me the look. You know, the Missy Look.

“I’m not saying ‘no’,” I defended, “I’m just saying ‘It’s a lot of work’”

She broke away from the task to get in touch with them.

“It’s in three weeks!” I admonished.

“OK,” she replied, “You’re in.”

Dang, these people with connections!!

It was a lot of work…

A lot of work…

But in three weeks I stood in that booth, surrounded by 25 drawings, canvases, prints, table runners and business cards (with my website info) just taking it all in.

It WAS a lot of work.

And so worth it.

And it would’ve taken a lot longer if it wasn’t for her.

Opportunities aren’t missed when you have Missy.


I’ve done 45 shows since then (would’ve been more had the world not locked down) and the story continues to a gallery in London, England in April 2023. It’s been a dream since I started “Stu Rosen Art”. Please help it come true. Every little bit helps.

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