Before the Teen, there was "Tommy." Tommy was around the same age and was just the perfect foster kid.

That's because he wasn't real.

Tommy was a figment of my imagination. A "placeholder" to hold all my dreams and expectations.

"Tommy and I are going to do this" or "we're going to go there" or "Tommy's going to love that!"

It was more about preparing myself for the next chapter, even if it wasn't real.

Then one day, sitting on my sofa, the social worker got all excited. "There's this boy!" she began.

Flipping through her phone she started to excuse herself. "I'm not supposed to do this, but..."

She paused at a photo.

"His name is Oscar."

A wave of goosebumps ran thru my entire body.

This wasn't Tommy. This was a real flesh and blood child... with wants and needs... and a name.

She held out her phone to show me this young man.

"And a face"

My whole world shifted in that moment.

This is really happening.

"OK, I'm not supposed to do this..." (she said this a lot) "but I can arrange for you to meet him this Saturday."

Before I knew it, she had the current foster dad on the phone and they hatched up a plan that we'd pretend to be best friends and I'm just coming over for a visit.

This was really happening... way too fast... but just as it was supposed to.


Please help make this dream come true. Every little bit helps.

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