On April 25, 2018, the world I knew came to a crashing end. I expected to lose everything. Miraculously I not only survived but thrived. Despite being a single dad, I’ve been able to give my adopted son a loving, stable home. He is my reason for continuing onward. He is my everything.

Along with working a full-time job, supporting all his interests and volunteering at a local church, I have returned to my passion of art.

My son is my inspiration and my drawings of wildlife reflect the love and safety between parent and child. It captures those moments when he was cute and cuddly, before he grew to 6’1” and fell in love with his Xbox.

One of my biggest dreams when I started Stu Rosen Art was to one day be able to exhibit my work in London. Thanks to Instagram, this opportunity has arrived. I have been offered space in a gallery from April 11-24, 2023.

The significance of this timing has not escaped me.

Yet my son will be turning 18 soon. Before I know it, he’ll be off to college, then who knows where. This might be the last “you and me, kid” gift I can give him.

But now that I’ve said “YES!” the reality of making this actually happen is sinking in.


To fulfil this dream and share this “experience of a lifetime” with my muse is expensive. I not only have to pay for the gallery space (yes, there are many that do that), there will be shipping, advertising, transportation, lodging and food for the time that we’ll be there.

So now I turn to you, the friends who have been with me on this journey, through it all, as well as those of you who want to go with me into this amazing future.

This isn’t a handout. Every level of donation comes with a gift of my art. It’s my way of working for this, and to show you how much I truly appreciate all that you’ve given me.

$25 – Magnet

$50 – Print or Book of your choice

$100 – Canvas of your choice (different sizes available) or combination of Print, book and/or calendar

$250 – Framed and Matted Pet Portrait for one pet ($50/each additional pet)

$500 – All of the above and a souvenir from London.


Any donation, even $1, enters you in a raffle to win a free pet portrait, to be drawn when I reach my goal, or get on the plane, whichever comes first.

PS If I raise more funds than I need, the surplus will be donated to a charity that supports the arts in the UK.

Thank you, and as my mother used to say “Love All Ways Always.”

Donate here: or Venmo @StuRosenArt. Every bit helps.

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